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We have emerged as one of the distinguished processors and exporters of Natural & Pure Caffeine. It is extracted from seeds of various plants like coffee & tea leaves and is hygienically processed under the strict supervision of our quality controllers.

Natural Caffeine

Natural Caffeine
We are one of the prominent processors and exporters engaged in offering premium quality Natural Caffeine. Utilizing high end technology and extraction process, we extract it from Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Guarana and some other plants. Further, using various refinery techniques, we properly refine the caffeine, to make it food and pharmaceutic grade. Available in various packaging sizes, our natural caffeine is broadly used by food & beverage manufacturers. It is used as an addictive in the "Cola" drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, caffeinated water, nutritional health & food supplements, and in several medicines.

Processed & packaged in most hygienic conditions, our natural caffeine conforms to various specifications, prescribed by United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), US Food and Chemical Codex (FCC), European Pharmacopoeia (EP), British Pharmacopoeia (BP), and Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

Properties of Caffeine:

  • Odorless, efflorescent, easily soluble in hot water and
  • chloroform
  • Bitter in taste
  • Available as White colored, silky crystalline powder
  • Small dosage of about 50 to 200 mg is sufficient to exert a
  • selective stimulation on the cerebral cortex
  • Also, it is helpful for treating vascular contraction of the
  • splanchnic regional nerves and extension of the coronary blood
  • vessels
  • Its consumption improves the blood distribution and makes the mind and thoughts clearer and keener
  • Natural Caffeine is useful in reducing the toxicity reaction
  • caused by alcohol, nicotine and morphine
  • Helpful in relieving the spasm of the bronchus and bile ducts along with inhibiting respiratory failure
  • It also has cardiotonic and diuretic functions

    Various health benefits of consuming Caffeine:
  • It can relieve comas and respiratory trouble due to serious drug intoxication
  • Helps to extend the smooth muscle of the bronchus and stimulate
  • the secretion of gastric juice
    Caffeine has a great value to be used as a drug and
  • pharmaceutical raw material
  • Excites nerve, eliminate fatigue, recover mind, raise the efficiency of work
  • Reduces harm caused by alcoholic, cigarette and morphine
  • Restrains halitosis, letdown fats
  • Prevents cancer and arteriosclerosis
  • Strengthens nerve center, blood vessel and heart
  • Promotes function of kidney jaxtaglomericar and dieresis
  • Relaxes muscle, inhibit cramp of air tube and bile duct
  • Controls pituitary gland, adjust body temperature
  • Stirs breath center directly, prevent respiratory
  • Caffeine has an anti-mutagenic activity and is indicated to the Parkinson's syndrome and other conditions, such as headache, migraine and hypertension
  • Much safer and void of such adverse drug reactions

    Usage in:
  • Energy drinks
  • Soft drinks
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals

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