Coffee beans are actually green seeds inside a bright red berry. Roasting them turns the seeds brown and creates the characteristic aroma and flavor coffee lovers crave. To create green coffee bean extract, the seeds are left unroasted. Instead they’re soaked and then concentrated to create the extract. Green coffee beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid compared to regular, roasted coffee beans. The reputation of green coffee bean extract has increased in recent years due to its range of health benefits. It has won people over through its ability to ease digestion and boost weight loss efforts.

Its antioxidant and weight loss benefits are mostly derived from the component extracted from it called Chlorogenic Acid. Discovered in 1932, chlorogenic acids (CGA) represent a large family of esterified compounds present in green and roasted coffee. During roasting, CGA’s slowly decompose to form caffeic and quinic acid with about 50% of the original CGA being destroyed in a medium roast. Chlorogenic Acid is known as an antioxidant compound which plays vital roles in many biological processes.

Green Coffee is definitely the most important aming the recent discoveries in the sphere of dietology. The combination of caffeine ans chlorogenic acid makes the most powerful natural fat burner. A convenient use form, the extract in capsules, allows you to take this supplement no matter where your are


Structurally, chlorogenic acid is the ester of caffeic acid with the 3-hydroxyl group of quinic acid.Chlorogenic acid, an ester of caffeic acid and quinic acid, is a major phenolic compound in green coffee.


Green coffee beans are naturally green. When they are roasted they turn brown. Before they are roasted, Green coffee is rich in Chlorogenic acid. Scientists have found that if a persons consumes a certain amount of Green Coffee daily before meals they could lose upto 25% of their body fat and have less of an appearance of cellulite.

Chlorogenic acid working with the natural caffeine work together to help the person reduce weight and diminish the look of cellulite. It is known to boost metabolism but will not cause the jittery feelings associated with caffeine.

However you just can’t eat Green Coffee because of its bitter taste. You need a Green Coffee Supplement that is filled with plenty of Chlorogenic Acid for the supplement to be effective. At a minimum 45% Chlorogenic Acid is recommended.




Chlorogenic acid working with the natural caffeine work together to help the person reduce weight and diminish the look of cellulite. It is known to boost metabolism but will not cause the jittery feelings associated with caffeine.

However you just can’t eat Green Coffee because of its bitter taste. You need a Green Coffee Supplement that is filled with plenty of Chlorogenic Acid for the supplement to be effective. At a minimum 45% Chlorogenic  Acid is recommended.

How to choose the best supplement of Green Coffee (Chlorogenic Acid):

The best supplement should be made of 100% pure green coffee/chlorogenic acid and it’s ingredients should be lab-verified for quality and potency.

There are some basic easy-to-understand criteria that should be followed in order to select a green coffee bean extract product that will give you the best chance to achieve the benefits you are looking for. The criteria listed below will enable you to select the best product:

The best green coffee supplements should be:

  • 100% Pure Read the labels carefully. Pure means no additional ingredients whatsoever and no fillers, no binders, and no added ingredients. There should only be one ingredient listed which should be green coffee bean extract. Even if the label says “pure” be sure to read the ingredients label to verify the product is, in fact, pure. If a website does not include the product ingredients label, that website and product should be avoided.
  • Chlorogenic Acid Level 40% to 50% – Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant present in green coffee beans that some observers believe is the component in raw unroasted green coffee beans that provide a number of potential healthy benefits . Green coffee beans are the most potent plant source of chlorogenic acid. Many nutrtional supplement companies and other observers state that a chlorogenic acid level of 40% to 50% is best.
  • Lab Verified– The purity and chlorogenic acid level should be lab-verified by a certified testing lab.
  • Made In The TRUSTED LOCATION – The product should be manufactured in a trusted location with top-notch quality controls. Beware of products that do not disclose where they are made.
  • Manufactured under FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)– Look for this on websites to verify that the product you are considering is manufactured in a facility that conforms to these standards.

What to look for on a product ingredients label?
The product label should state the chlorogenic acid level since chlorogenic acid is the antioxidant present in raw coffee beans that consumers shopping for green coffee supplements are looking for. As mentioned previously, there should be (1) no fillers, (2) no binders, and (3) no artificial ingredients. So, read the ingredients labels carefully. Ingredients labels should be displayed on all websites offering nutritional supplements.

  1. Chemical Product and Company identification

Product Name                                   : Green Coffee Bean Extract

Synonym                                            : Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder – Coffea

Chemical name                                  : Chlorogenic Acids

Chemical formula                              : Not Applicable

Contact Information                          : Shri Ahimsa Mines & Minerals Ltd.

E 94 RIICO Industrial area Bagru Ext.

Jaipur-303007, Tel. 91-9509888778,


  1. Composition and Information on Ingredients
Green Coffee Bean Extract : 100% by weight. Chlorogenic Acid 45% – 50%byassay
Toxicological Data on Ingredients : Not applicable
  1. Hazards Identification

Potential Chronic health effects

Carcinogenic effects: Not Applicable
Mutagenic effects: Not Applicable
Developmental Toxicity: Not Applicable
Other toxicity: Not Applicable
  1. First Aid Measures

Eye contact : Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water or get medical attention if Irritation occurs

Skin contact : Not harmful
Serious skin contact, inhalation, serious inhalation : No data available, get medical advice
Ingestion, serious Ingestion : No data available, get medical advice
  1. Fire and Explosion Data
Flammability of the product : May be combustible at high temperature
Auto Ignition Temp. : Not Applicable
Flash point,flammable limits,combustion : Not Applicable
Fire hazards in presence of various substances : May be flammable at high temperature
  1. Accidental release measures
Small spill:     Use appropriate tools to put spilled in waste disposal container. Proper cleaning and disposal as per local regulatory rules
Large spill:     Proper tools and sanitary system


  1. Handling and Storage
Precautions:                 Keep away from heat, ignition source, and fire. Do not breathe dust, usehoods for fumes and vapours.
Storage:                    Keep containers tightly closed, Store at cool and well ventilated place


  1. Exposure controls/ personal Protection
Engineering Controls and Personal Protection : As per the limits and safety rules
Personal protection in case of large spill : All safety equipment including
respiratory devices should be used.
Inhalation  to  be  avoided,  all
suggested protective clothes/
equipment should be used
Exposure limits : Not Applicable

MSDS - GCE ahimsa

MSDS - GCE ahimsa

COA for Chlorogenic Acid In House

Common Name: Green coffee extract Plant Part Used: Beans
Batch#: GCE011017 Process: Spray drying
Mfg. Date: October-2017
Expiry Date: September 2019 Country of Origin: India


Organoleptic Quality


1 Appearance Visual Powder Complies
2 Color Visual Yellowish brown to brown Complies
3 Flavor Sensory Characteristic Complies
4 Solubility Visual Water soluble Complies
Analytical Quality
1 Identification HPLC Material matches with working standard Complies
2 Total chlorogenic Acids HPLC >45.0% 47.2%
3 Caffeine HPLC <2.0% 1.4%
4 Loss on Drying USP <5.0% w/w 4.2%
5 Particle size Sieve 100% pass through 60 mesh Complies
6 Bulk Density USP 0.3-0.7g/ml 0.32g/ml
7 Residual solvents content As per ICH limit Complies
8 Lead content (ICP-MS) <3 ppm Complies
9 Arsenic content (ICP-MS) <3 ppm Complies
10 Cadmium content (ICP-MS) <1 ppm Complies
11 Mercury content (ICP-MS) <0.1ppm Complies
Microbiological Quality
1 Total plate count USP <10,000 cfu/g Complies
2 Yeasts and Molds USP <1000 cfu/g Complies
3 Coli forms USP < 10cfu/g Complies
4 E. coli USP Absent/g Complies
5 Salmonella USP Absent /10g Complies